Sketch: Cafe Utopia

Sketch: Cafe Utopia

A sip of coffee from a warm mug nestled between your curled fingers brings back life to your senses; enchanting world through pages and print peek invitingly promising another story, another life; a place where time is not controlled by two hands… welcome to Cafe Utopia

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Sketch: Random Design Series

Sketch: Random Design Series

sketches of random designs, shades and textures

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Lighting Up with Colours

Lighting Up with Colours

As we piece together small joys of life, colours and light to bring in joy… This Diwali

A few ounces of clay, dollops of acrylic paints, a portion or love and laughter and a whole measure of excitement

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Sketch: Travel

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Painting: Obsessing over Radha


Obsessing Over Radha

Obsessing Over RadhaThe legend

The legend of Radha has been obsessively fascinating to me from many many reasons. To me Radha is not a woman but a legend of love – an ought to scenario… she is the story of love without strings… A story so powerful that it never ends…

The lore of Radha – Krishna is unconventional at so many levels…. they for one never married, some legends site her married to someone else, some say she was much older then Krishna…. so many classic no-no from Indian socio-cultural aspect still held on a pedestal as a love story so beautiful and true that it attains a level of divinity…


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Painting: The fire within

The fire within

The fire within

While I have some thoughts around this… the write up will be posted later… so open to your interpretation till then 🙂





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Painting: Happy Diwali

happy diwali

happy diwali


This is my first acrylic painting so means a lot to me though there is no inherent theme in the same. Since its the eve of Diwali this picture is to wish you all a happy diwali 🙂




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